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Purchasing a home or property can be the biggest investment of your life. A Land Survey performed by a Professional Land Surveyor will insure that you're getting exactly what you paid for and can be done at a fraction of the cost of correcting any mistakes later. The cost of the survey as a percentage of your total investment is a small price to pay for peace of mind.

What is a boundary survey and when is one needed?

A boundary survey determines the property lines of a parcel of land described in a deed and the improvements located inside the boundary. It will also indicate the extent of any easements or encroachments and may show the limitations imposed by state or local regulations.

A survey is strongly recommended before buying, subdividing, improving or building on land. Surveying the parcel before these activities insures that the expense and frustration of defending a lawsuit, moving a building, or resolving a boundary dispute can be avoided.

What does a standard boundary survey entail?

The surveyor thoroughly examines the historical records of the land in question and often all lands surrounding it. In addition to the Courthouse, this research may include the County Commissioners' offices and the Department of Transportation. The surveyor may also talk with prior owners and adjoiners.

The field work begins after the research and involves establishing a control network of known points called a traverse. The points are used to search for and locate existing monuments and other evidence of the boundaries.

The results of the field work are compared with the research and the surveyor then reconciles all the information to arrive at a final conclusion about the boundaries. Finally the surveyor will draft a plat to be presented to the client.

Is a plat of the survey necessary?

A plat is a legal document that provides the client with a permanent record of the survey. If any of the monuments are lost or destroyed, they can be replaced with the information shown on the plat. All plats must be signed and sealed by a State Board approved Professional Land Surveyor indicating that the survey conforms to State standards and that the surveyor has checked the work and stands ready to defend it.

If a plat is prepared, you should record it in the County Courthouse. This not only preserves the work for future reference, but also puts the public on notice that the area shown has been thoroughly researched and documented. In a sense it provides insurance against most claims or disputes.


Back at the office, points from the field are downloaded into Carlson Survey CES. This is an AutoCadd driven survey software where clear, precise plats are drawn for the client.