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Field Crew with Professional Land Surveyor  (Licensed)                 $90/hr
Legal Research, Computations and Computer Aided Drafting           $70/hr
Lot Survey with plat less than one acre (minimum)                         $450 
Property division - new tract created (minimum)                             $550 
Line marking and resetting pins - no plat (minimum)                        $350
The above pricing is a guideline. The cost of a boundary and location survey depends on many variables, some of which cannot be known exactly until after the work has started. The size, terrain, vegetation, location and season affect the charges and can usually be estimated fairly accurately.  However, the surveyor will not know if deeded monuments are missing or if they conflict with the description until well into the survey.
You can call our office and we'll be glad to discuss your specific surveying needs. We will give you a free estimate and a time frame for the work to begin and when the plat will be completed. Since we are a small local company, you can be assured that we will work hard for the people in this area to provide them with accurate, complete and timely Land Surveying services.
Jerry Sanders
706-878-9045 (office)
706-892-7521 (cell)
706-878-9045 (fax)


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