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Q&A About Surveying
More Q&A About Surveying
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Is a survey necessary if an attorney has certified that the title to the property is clear?

A clear title means that the owner has a lawful right to sell the property. It does not locate or identify the property on the ground and does not guarantee that the acreage is correct. In addition, title insurance policies do not insure the buyer against defects that would have been discovered if a full boundary survey had been performed.

Shown below are some Bausch and Lomb surveying instruments from the early 1900's. We've come a long way since then!





What is the advantage of having the Professional Land Surveyor doing his own fieldwork?

Simple : boundary decisions are made on the spot.  If a property corner is missing or if a client wants an exact amount of acreage cut out of a larger tract, computations are made and the new property corners are set while we're there in a matter of minutes. Normally a field crew has to go back to the office, someone computes the new corners, the PLS checks the computations and the crew goes back to the property at a later date to set the new corners.  This is not only more costly, it's more time consuming and will delay the delivery of the plat.